Jessie Gilman

My Voice Experience

Some of my clients include: 

Walmart, Cognizant corporate trade show video, Subaru, Ford, Redkin International NYC, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Holiday Inn, Q-Mall In Vegas, tanning salons(Totally Tan), beauty and spa(Joe's Salon,Adam Broderick Salon and Spa), restaraunts(Jim Barbaries), printing places (Speedi Sign), clothing stores (fashion exchange), sports stores (Wilton Sport Shop), liquor stores (Village Liquors), bars and nightclubs (Tuxcedo Junction), hardware stores, candy stores, dry cleaners, you name it the list goes on!  


WRKI: Classic Rock station Danbury, CT: Promos, Commercials 

KSFN: Hot talk Las Vegas, NV: Promos, Commercials, Station ID's 

WKTI: Top 40 station in Milwaukee, WI: Hollywood Hotdish Corespondent

WDBY: Top 40 station Danbury, CT: Station ID's, Promos, Commercials 

WAXB: Oldies station Brookfield CT: Commercials 

WCCX: College radio: Free Willie! in the booming metropolis of Wakesha, Wisconsin ( the land of chedder and beer) 

WZBG: Litchfield, CT: Commercials 

The rest available upon request!!!