Jessie Gilman

My Training

Worked at CBS in LA for the executive producer of The People's Choice Awards Walter Miller. 

Trained with Voice over Icon: Don Morrow (voice of Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Titanic, etc.) 

Studied with Susan Berkley -(voice of AT&T) and went through Voice over Bootcamp in NYC (voiceover acting school) where I also trained with casting director Diana Boylston and Alan Sklar, who has recorded thousands of audio books. 

I also heard from industry leaders such as Terri Douglas - film looping, Richard Horvitz - Cartoon voices, and Mary Lynn Wissner.

 I Have Taken an audio book seminar class and trained with Pat Frelay (voice of Huck finn and 100 charachters in the book)and Hilary Huber(voice of people's choice awards). 

I have taken a voiceover class with Agent Katherine Ryan from Don Buchwald agency. 

I curently am doing freelance voice over work out of Nashville, TN, and Danbury, CT. 

 I also worked in radio for for 3 years for Cumulus Media, in promotions, marketing, and sales. 

I was on a variety of different commercials during my time at the station. 

I was commencement speaker at Dean College, where I was liberal arts major for 2 years. 

I then finished school at Carroll College in Wisconsin with a degree in Communications, and a minor in english.